6 Helpful Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Most people will often prefer to create an entirely new bathroom space for relaxation or just an upgrade of the existing bathroom. Transforming an existing bathroom to a modern may need a little research, creativity and witty ideas… We hope that the below pointers will serve you well when planning and and laying out your bathroom renovation ideas.

  1. Tiles or paint? – First and foremost you need to determine whether you want to tile your bathroom walls or paint them.For the homeowner trying to renovate his bathroom space, in the shower area, it’s better to tile all the way up rather than a painted drywall. Why you ask? Well tiles are easier to clean and they bring a better sparkle to your bathroom.Tiles also bring a fresher and superior feel than paint, but of course, it entirely depends on the preferences of the owner. We all have different preferences, so just in case you prefer to paint your wall rather than tile it all the way up, go for the high quality gloss bathroom appropriate paint, preferably water -resistant ones.
  2. Bathroom Flooring – when it comes to bathroom flooring you have to go for quality long lasting flooring. For example, laminate flooring is not very ideal for the bathroom compared to ceramic tiles and sheet vinyl which are great for bathroom floor and will give you a fabulous sheen and sparkle. You can even consider putting marble floors on your bathroom to make it much more exquisite.
  3. Removing stains from the floor and walls – to remove paint, permanent marker and stains on your bathroom floor or wall use denatured alcohol or acetone.In cases where your bath tub or tiles have stains due to hard water, use a cleaner that works perfectly in removing mineral deposits, calcium or iron found in hard water. Adhere to the directions given, although most of the cleaning chemicals will hardly damage the gel-coating on your painted walls (in case you have a painted bathroom wall). Clean your bathroom walls regularly. Soap scum will peel off your paint if it accumulates for long periods. By doing this, you maintain the luster and sparkle on your bathroom floors and walls. Remember to use a freshener to keep your bathroom fresh all day!
  4. Avoid permanent placing of objects – remember, it’s all about making your bathroom maintain its luster through the years that’s why you need to completely avoid leaving objects or products permanently on the floor space because they discolor the surface.Try avoiding scratches on your marble floor and wall by using felt padding on the sharp-edged items. In case your surface is scratched, use liquid cleaning and polishing compounds like Gel-Gloss to get the glow back. It removes water spotting, soap scum on you floor while at the same time sealing glass surfaces.
  5. Bathroom colors and mirrors – choose the perfect color, color that is light and easy on the eye because we usually associated color with mood. You find that when a bathroom is painted in colors like light blue or light-yellow, both with a touch of white, it’s more appealing to the eye and provides an ambiance of pure serenity. It’s very hard to make dark colors work out in a bathroom. In fact it’s very advisable to give up the entirely classic white bathroom altogether. Most bathrooms are small so put up mirrors as design elements to add light and expand your bathrooms perceived space.
  6. Painting – Bathrooms are very moisture intensive because of the hot showers and steam. So when painting your bathroom walls to get the sheen back, remember it’s not like any other room.The paint used must be resistant to moisture as well as contain mold-inhibiting agents for the ideal finish and sheen. Note that, painting your bathroom trim in variations of white can make your whole color scheme look a lot more crisp.

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