Bathroom Feng Shui Tips – How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

I’m sure you want your bathroom to be pleasant and presentable. According to feng shui principles, a bathroom signifies purification and renewal, so you want to be sure to optimize such principles so you can let go of what is not wanted in your life. With the Feng Shui movement having great success, adding some harmony and good vibes to the bathroom will certainly suit you well. After all, Feng Shui is all about bringing harmony, positivity, and prosperity to spaces.

Here are some great Feng Shui Tips to prep up your bathroom 

bathroom feng shui tipsYou want your feng shui bathroom to be full of colors like green, blue, and white. You can also incorporate brown, as all of these colors are earthy colors that bring a sense of calm and peace. Blue represents water, green represents life and growth, and white represents purity. For green you can use plenty of plants to add color and a good flow of positive energy.

  1. According to feng shui, mirrors reflect and circulate energy, so having a large mirror in the bathroom is a good idea. Keep in mind, however, that you do not want any mirrors to reflect the toilet, as that means you would be able to see yourself while sitting on it and that is not usually a pretty picture.
  2. Water cleanses and purifies and the bathroom signifies a place to cleanse the body, so utilize this powerful earth element often. According to feng shui, water signifies money, so you can always put a small tabletop fountain in your bathroom on the sink or on a shelf. In the bathroom you can utilize water in ways such as a bubble bath and of course, showering. When you refresh yourself in the bathroom, realize that you’re not just getting clean physically, but spiritually as well.
  3. If you can have a sun light installed, that would be great, as sunlight is full of energizing power and helps keep spirits high. Having at least one window in the bathroom that you can open and allow fresh air in is recommended. If you do not have a window at all, be sure to use a lighting fixture with full-spectrum bulbs so that it feels like more of a natural light is emanating.

The toilet. You want the toilet to be inconspicuous, as it tends to suck energy down from your home when you flush. If you are renovating your home, you can place the toilet in a little room of its own and keep the door closed. If it is already set in place, you can use something to divide the toilet from the larger space, like a partial wall or bathroom dresser. Always put your toilet seat down when finished and close the bathroom door when you exit.

Night light. Feng shui believes that night lights will enhance the energy flow in your bathroom and should be left on all day and night.

Clutter free. Keep clutter out of the bathroom, as many objects can block and hinder energy from flowing freely. Be sure to utilize closets and keep the floor free from large objects that are not necessary in a bathroom. The less clutter, the more optimal energy flow.

  1. Purchase rubber stoppers for the sink and tub drains and place them there when they are not in use.
  2. You do not want your bathroom to look amazing, yet smell foul. Incorporate pleasant smells via candles, incense, or essential oils. You can also use scented soap in the shower, as the aroma tends to linger even after you’re done showering.

Décor. Adding décor to your feng shui bathroom can be fun and easy. Avoid pictures of the family, but do add pleasant pictures that will invoke feelings of happiness when you look at them. You can add little knick knacks on shelves or on the sink counter. Incorporating wood is a great feng shui tactic, as wood signifies part of the earth and the brown colors can offset the blues and greens.

feng shui for bathroomIt’s a great idea to do some research on how others have decorated their bathrooms according to feng shui principles. You can Google “feng shui bathroom” and look at the images that people and companies have put online. This offers you a chance to take note in aspects that you like so you can incorporate them into your own bathroom.

Don’t stress out about the “what ifs”. Trust that you are following your intuition as you embark on your bathroom feng shui journey and enjoy the process. You can always make changes down the road as you find other feng shui items or learn more about the feng shui style. As you do, you’ll be optimizing the harmony and energy flow in your entire home, which is wonderful!

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