Bathroom Contractors Winnipeg

Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg is a Winnipeg-based home renovations company specializing in bathroom renovations and other residential projects like basement finishing and kitchen renovations.

Our Process:

We’re bathroom renovations Winnipeg professional contractors and we make sure that our methodologies and procedures meet or exceed Manitoba building codes.

We start every project by doing a thorough in-home inspection of the areas you need renovating, which in this case is your bathroom, one reason we’re giving free in-home estimates as it’s impossible to give a complete and accurate ballpark, without seeing the work area.

We also focus on your needs and make it a point to listen to your preferences, this way we can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams while all the while maintaining a pleasant bathroom renovation experience for you and your family.

Our Team

Our bathroom renovation specialists are honest, trustworthy professionals who are safe to be in your home and the entire renovation process is duly monitored and managed by us onsite to make sure that everything is on track and that the work is done to your utmost satisfaction.

Get Started Today!

Call (204) 318-6648 for an accurate in-home inspection and estimate. To make sure that we give you the best service possible, we start by giving an accurate estimate after we inspect and measure the area, this way you know that the amount you’re looking at isn’t a “guesstimate”.

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