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Bathroom Renovation cost Winnipeg – What to Expect When Renovating a Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom brings absolute comfort and real added value to the home. But how much do bathroom renovations actually cost? The cost of the bathroom renovation in Winnipeg varies significantly according to many criteria: work to be done, choice of materials, type of materials, and so forth. But solutions exist for all needs and budgets as well.

Bathroom renovation cost Winnipeg estimates.

When the bathroom no longer meets the needs of the family, it becomes essential to renovate it. Renovation work can be left to a professional, or you can handle small projects yourself. The average budget varies depending on the level of renovation (light, medium, or large) but also on the quality of the things that need to be installed:

Labor/Materials Bathroom Renovation Cost, Taxes Included
Economic renovation  Less than $1,500
Medium renovation  between $1,500 and $3,000
Complete renovation  between $900 and $1,500/ m² (square meter)
Complete renovation  between $900 and 1500/ m² (square meter)
Renovation with entry-level materials Between $220 to $300 / m² (square meter)
Renovation with mid-range materials Between $750 to $900 per m² (square meter)
Renovation with high-end materials Between $1,000 to $1,500 / m² (square meter)
Bathroom tile renovation  Between $30 to $90 / m² (square meter)

Bathroom renovation cost Winnipeg: for small budgets.

However, if you don’t have a big budget to renovate your bathroom, giving a boost to the latter is possible. With less than $1,500, it is possible to add accessories with a neat design, to change a sink and a tap. Installing a mixer allows substantial water savings. The price at the start of the range starts at $100 but can go up to $600. Also, unless you are an excellent handyman, hiring a plumber prevents water damage. Travel costs are between $30 and $90 and labor between $60 and 250 $ per hour.

As for floor and wall coverings, if replacing the tiling is too expensive, fresh paint can be enough to change the bathroom atmosphere. Paint amount to cover ten m² of wall tiles sells for around $150 in specialized DIY stores. The installation is, however, to be reserved for the most meticulous!

For a small budget, the bathroom renovation will concern paints, accessories, and possibly the flooring. Changing the basin can also be considered.

Bathroom renovation cost Winnipeg: the price of a shower or bathtub.

Installing a shower or bath often requires changing the plumbing. For the water supply, plumbers prefer multilayer pipes which are less expensive than copper. The price of these pipes is around 1 $ per m². For drains, PVC pipes are the norm, for an amount of approximately $15 per m². The shower consists of a tray costing between $150 and $1000, depending on its dimensions, design, and material (acrylic or ceramic). To this price, add that of the stall between $300 and $1200 and that of the taps from $150 $ for a basic installation to more than $1000 for hydromassage jets.

For the installation of a bathtub, the cost again depends on the design and the finishes but also on the material chosen: from $150 to $600 for an acrylic bathtub (light and resistant but easily scratched), from 100 to 500 $ for a resin that can be fitted with LEDs, $300 to $450 for steel and finally $1000 to $3000 for cast iron.

For a spa bath, it costs $1,000 to $8,000, depending on the materials. The cost of a shower and that of a bathtub includes the purchase of the equipment and the finishes and material of the product. We must also think about the cost of the plumber’s intervention.

Bathroom renovation cost Winnipeg: redoing everything.

To completely renovate a bathroom, have a budget of between $600 and $ 2000per m². This variation is explained by the craftsmen’s price difference and the different budgets depending on the materials and sanitary equipment chosen. Indeed, the price of a standard vanity unit starts at $ 300 for an entry-level and can reach $1200 for a mid-range. For high-end furniture, it will cost between $4500 and up to $10,000

When it comes to deadlines, renovating an entire bathroom can take up to three weeks if a plumber, electrician, and tiler are involved. Calling on a bathroom planner to optimize the coordination of the site can thus help reduce these delays. The hourly cost of this professional is between $100 and $150.

A complete bathroom renovation project (a total change of furniture, equipment, masonry, electricity, and plumbing work) expects between $600 and $1800 / m² excluding tax.

Cost of bathroom renovation per m²

The prices of bathroom renovations per m² fluctuate according to the desired level of range, the materials’ quality, and the preferred technologies. We see that to redo a bathroom costs between $100 and $150 depending on whether you replace a few pieces of the faucet or change a few accessories.

In the case of a complete renovation with entry-level materials, the price for redoing the bathroom will be $ 200 to $ 400 per m². Therefore, the renovation of a bathroom of 4 m², therefore, costs between $ 900 and $ 1200 and a bathroom of 6 m² between $ 1200 and $ 1,800 including tax. The cost of renovating the bathroom per m² will be higher if the materials chosen are of medium range. It will take around $ 3,500 to $ 6,000 including tax, or $ 10000 to $ 1500 per m².

The renovation of a six m² bathroom will then have a $ 4500 including tax to $ 5,600 including tax. That of a bathroom of 10 m² ranges from $ 7500 including tax to $ 9,000 including tax.

A high-end bathroom renovation using noble or rare materials will cost a minimum of $ 10,000 including tax but may exceed $ 15,000, i.e., from $ 1000 to $ 1,500 per m². A 10 m² bathroom built under these conditions will cost between $ 10,000 and $ 16,000, including tax.

Cost of bathroom tile renovation Winnipeg

The renovation of a bathroom per m² can be greatly increased by laying tiles on the floor and the walls. The price will not only depend on the size of the room. The quality of the tiling but also the difficulty of laying will influence the final amount. Before renovating the 4 m², 6 m², or 10 m² bathrooms, an inventory is essential.

This study makes it possible to determine if the tiles can be painted or if it is better to cover them with a thicker resin. Some tiles cannot be well restored, and the only solution will then be to replace them with new tiles. The cost to redo your bathroom can be increased by removing the old tiling and repairing the walls before installing the new model.

The cost of a renovation of basic bathroom tiles with porcelain stoneware or earthenware is 17 to 60 $ per m². With mosaic tiling, it will be between $20 and 90 $ TTC per m². The amount will be slightly higher for a cement tile type tiling: it takes about $ 150 per m² on average. The budget for renovating the tiling of a bathroom with a special plaster or paint is around $ 15 per m².

The bathroom tiles can be changed, painted, or covered. Depending on your choices, the operation cost will be modified, as well as the production time and the cost of labor.

Bathroom renovation: the price of labor and fixtures

The price for remaking the bathroom listed here is based on the procedures to be followed for full compliance with standards and regulations. Plumbing and electrical costs must be factored into your budget too.

The work most often planned in bathroom renovation is the replacement of piping elements, certain plumbing fixtures, or lighting fixtures. Adding a wall light or even spotlights can improve visual comfort.

The price of a partial bathroom renovation, including the replacement of the shower and a sink, is estimated between $ 750 and $ 35000, including tax.

The cost of replacing a bathtub ranges from $ 150 to $ 3000, including tax, depending on the bathtub chosen.

A spa bath costs up to 12 times more than a straight bath. Likewise, a double washbasin cabinet is up to 10 times more expensive than a hand wash cabinet. The sink alone is estimated between $200 and $600 if it is of top quality. Plumbing issues are common. The cost of replacing a pipe depends on its material: A copper pipe only costs about $100 for 4 meters, while PVC pipes usually do not exceed $20.

Replacing luminaires is a matter of aesthetics and functionality. The cost to install recessed lighting on the ceiling varies from $ 150 to $ 400 depending on the cans chosen and installation difficulty.

The bottom line

By renovating your bathroom, you are sure to add more value to your property. This has a definite advantage when you decide to resell the accommodation afterward. However, the small elements involved in a renovation are numerous. They can add up to a significant budget, whether it is replacing lights, installing a double sink cabinet, or repairing a faulty pipe. You can minimize your bathroom renovation costs in Winnipeg by budgeting and working with trusted contractors and suppliers.

If you’re interested in getting an accurate estimate for your bathroom renovations project in Winnipeg, please don’t hesitate to call us at (204) 318-6648 or by filling out our estimate request form, here.

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