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Your bathroom is meant to be your personal “private escape” – a place to pamper, cleanse, and rejuvenate one’s body after a good sleep or a day’s hard work.

bathroom-renovations-winnipeg-img19.jpg We here at Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg believes that your bathroom should be built or remodeled as a sanctuary as not only is it a place to cleanse your body but is also a place where you wash away the stresses of your daily life.

It’s a place where you can just drift away with the sound of flowing water as the shower sprinkles its mist over your hair… a place where you can soak yourself in bubbles and just lay down thinking, meditating, or simply counting your blessings.

However, if your existing bathroom is far from all these and you’re always in a hurry to leave this supposed sanctuary, something must be wrong!

Maybe it’s the tired and fading tiles, the gruesome floor laminate that’s been water damaged after all those years of service, or maybe the perpetual beads of water on the ceiling.

If your sanctuary is more of an eye-sore than a relaxation haven, then you’re not alone. All bathrooms that has passed their 20 year life-span are expected to be damaged or outdated at the least and since most of the homes here in Winnipeg is aging, chances are, your bathroom is in need of remodeling!

If you found our website because you’re looking for professional bathroom renovation solutions in Winnipeg, then you’re in the right place!

We are a duly licensed and insured bathroom contractors in Winnipeg that can turn your old, tired and retirable bathroom into a stunning relaxed sanctuary that you and your family deserve.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your bathroom so you and your family can enjoy it or to add up the value of your property for possible resell, we can help you make that a reality!

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We’re experienced professionals and we stand by the quality of our work!

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