These Practical Bathroom Storage Tips Will Help You Save Space And Some Buck!

Are you having trouble organizing  your bathroom storage area?

Woman Taking Towel From Linen Closet As you may know, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your household and you need to find the right setting and design for your bathroom, to avoid a messy and cluttered bathroom.

If you are worried about bathroom space and want to have a more organized bathroom, then these bathroom storage ideas are here for the rescue – store your creams, ointments, disorganized bottles and medicines properly without creating havoc in your bathroom.

Most people are led to believe that in order to get new bathroom storage, you will be required to remodel your entire bathroom from scratch. This is one reason that stops people from considering bathroom storages, since they assume that it will cost them a lot of money. To help you get the best bathroom storage, here are some of the best bathroom storage ideas you may consider:

Re-Think Your Bathroom Storage Design

Do you need more room in your bathroom to store all your little knick knacks and makeup kits? Then you need to re-think your bathroom design!

You can install recessed shelves in order to store away your toiletries from sight and to keep your bathroom from being cluttered. You can maximize the space in your bathroom by installing shelves, cupboards and cabinets.

Utilize the Space underneath the Sink!

Another great bathroom storage idea is to use the space underneath the sink. You can place small storage boxes under the sink with proper labeling. This will help you keep your bathroom organized and you can have more space inside the bathroom as well. The placement of the boxes is also important, and you should place the boxes with the items you will use regularly right at the front so that you can access them easily.

The Space behind the Door

Most bathroom storage ideas refers to the need of saving space and another way you can do that is by using the space behind the bathroom door. You can save a lot of space by hanging little cloth bags behind the bathroom door and putting in toiletries, medicines and even towels.

If you want to save more space then you can install a bathroom vanity too. This will allow you to maximize your space so you never have to worry about bathroom storage space ever again.

Find a Place To Organize Toilet Papers

One of the most infuriating things for many people is what to do with toilet paper, since letting it hang on a hook is not what they want. You can easily solve this problem by placing a little basket next to the toilet or by having it hanging inside a vanity close to the toilet. The main idea is to keep the toilet paper accessible, but out of plain sight.

Other Innovative Ideas for Bathroom Storage!

A bathroom storage project is not going to cost you a lot of money, since most of the bathroom storage solutions are available at fairly reasonable prices and you can easily re-arrange or re-design your bathroom without burning a hole in your pocket.

However, if you really want to spend the minimum amount on your bathroom storage and yet get the best solutions in the market, then you need to look at some of these innovative ideas for bathroom storage. Get more style and storage in your bathroom today, with these fun, frugal and creative bathroom storage ideas.

Vintage Basket

Need a place for towels and other unwanted clothes in your bathroom? Then you can simply hang a vintage basket on the wall for a great bathroom storage idea. It will not only look pretty, but will also solve the storage problem.

Glass Canning Jars

You may be wondering what these little beauties are there for in the bathroom? Well you can easily store any toiletry in these glass canning jars and the best part is that they cost practically peanuts. You can store soaps, washcloths and any other toiletry that you desire in these jars and get a great bathroom storage option.

Wall Storage

Do you want a great bathroom storage idea without spending a lot of money? Then you should turn your old drawers into wall storages in your bathroom. It is a great way to save space and will also provide your bathroom with a unique look.

Budget Handlers

A great place to hang towels is on budget handlers. Your towels will remain accessible and won’t fall off these bad boys easily as well. You can have them installed in your bathroom and make your bathroom standout from the rest of the crowd.

Terra Cotta Pots

If you require a great bathroom storage idea then you need to get spray painted terra cotta pots. They hardly cost anything and are extremely useful for storing toiletries. They are available in different textures and designs, which makes them perfect for innovative bathroom storages. They can easily be found from your local flea markets and are extremely useful for saving space in the bathroom.

Built-In Toothbrush Holder

The built-in or hanging toothbrush holder is an extremely creative idea when it comes to bathroom storage. You can easily create your very own personal toothbrush holder by creating small notches in any bathroom shelf near the sink. A great way to save space and it also looks good as well.

Fake Built-Ins

In order to really take advantage from bathroom storages, you need to find fake built-ins. You can simply use existing shelving and add wood brackets to them for storing and organizing all the different toiletries in your bathroom. You can easily find a lot of different types of fake built-ins in order to save space in your bathroom.

The Best Bathroom Storage Ideas of All Time!

Rolled white towels on shelf in hotel bathroom. These bathroom storage ideas are designed to provide you with a great new design for your bathroom. Not only will it allow you to save space in your bathroom, but will do so at the very bare minimum cost and you will get to experience a drastic change in the appearance of your bathroom. So say goodbye to all those mornings in which you are stumbling over toiletries and slipping on towels in your bathroom.

It is important to remember that not all bathrooms are of the same size and therefore you should carefully select bathroom storages for the type of bathroom you have and the amount of space you want to save. Obviously, the factor of cost does become important and if you have cash to burn then you can get some truly spectacular bathroom storage ideas for your bathroom.

You can easily save a lot of money when you are looking to redecorate or renovate your bathroom, and these innovative bathroom storage ideas can help make a difference by providing you with affordable measures that will help you get the best bathroom storage solutions at the lowest price possible in the market. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to install some of these creative bathroom storage solutions today.

Bathroom Feng Shui Tips – How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

I’m sure you want your bathroom to be pleasant and presentable. According to feng shui principles, a bathroom signifies purification and renewal, so you want to be sure to optimize such principles so you can let go of what is not wanted in your life. With the Feng Shui movement having great success, adding some harmony and good vibes to the bathroom will certainly suit you well. After all, Feng Shui is all about bringing harmony, positivity, and prosperity to spaces.

Here are some great Feng Shui Tips to prep up your bathroom 

bathroom feng shui tips You want your feng shui bathroom to be full of colors like green, blue, and white. You can also incorporate brown, as all of these colors are earthy colors that bring a sense of calm and peace. Blue represents water, green represents life and growth, and white represents purity. For green you can use plenty of plants to add color and a good flow of positive energy.

  1. According to feng shui, mirrors reflect and circulate energy, so having a large mirror in the bathroom is a good idea. Keep in mind, however, that you do not want any mirrors to reflect the toilet, as that means you would be able to see yourself while sitting on it and that is not usually a pretty picture.
  2. Water cleanses and purifies and the bathroom signifies a place to cleanse the body, so utilize this powerful earth element often. According to feng shui, water signifies money, so you can always put a small tabletop fountain in your bathroom on the sink or on a shelf. In the bathroom you can utilize water in ways such as a bubble bath and of course, showering. When you refresh yourself in the bathroom, realize that you’re not just getting clean physically, but spiritually as well.
  3. If you can have a sun light installed, that would be great, as sunlight is full of energizing power and helps keep spirits high. Having at least one window in the bathroom that you can open and allow fresh air in is recommended. If you do not have a window at all, be sure to use a lighting fixture with full-spectrum bulbs so that it feels like more of a natural light is emanating.

The toilet. You want the toilet to be inconspicuous, as it tends to suck energy down from your home when you flush. If you are renovating your home, you can place the toilet in a little room of its own and keep the door closed. If it is already set in place, you can use something to divide the toilet from the larger space, like a partial wall or bathroom dresser. Always put your toilet seat down when finished and close the bathroom door when you exit.

Night light. Feng shui believes that night lights will enhance the energy flow in your bathroom and should be left on all day and night.

Clutter free. Keep clutter out of the bathroom, as many objects can block and hinder energy from flowing freely. Be sure to utilize closets and keep the floor free from large objects that are not necessary in a bathroom. The less clutter, the more optimal energy flow.

  1. Purchase rubber stoppers for the sink and tub drains and place them there when they are not in use.
  2. You do not want your bathroom to look amazing, yet smell foul. Incorporate pleasant smells via candles, incense, or essential oils. You can also use scented soap in the shower, as the aroma tends to linger even after you’re done showering.

Décor. Adding décor to your feng shui bathroom can be fun and easy. Avoid pictures of the family, but do add pleasant pictures that will invoke feelings of happiness when you look at them. You can add little knick knacks on shelves or on the sink counter. Incorporating wood is a great feng shui tactic, as wood signifies part of the earth and the brown colors can offset the blues and greens.

feng shui for bathroom It’s a great idea to do some research on how others have decorated their bathrooms according to feng shui principles. You can Google “feng shui bathroom” and look at the images that people and companies have put online. This offers you a chance to take note in aspects that you like so you can incorporate them into your own bathroom.

Don’t stress out about the “what ifs”. Trust that you are following your intuition as you embark on your bathroom feng shui journey and enjoy the process. You can always make changes down the road as you find other feng shui items or learn more about the feng shui style. As you do, you’ll be optimizing the harmony and energy flow in your entire home, which is wonderful!

10 Tips to Fix a Leaky Toilet in your Bathroom

There’s nothing more annoying – and costly – in the bathroom than a leaky toilet. Every drop into the bowl represents a penny being absorbed that adds up to significant overages on your monthly bill. Another result of a leaky toilet is the bowl getting low and refilling itself in the middle of the night or every 25 minutes, making you think you have a ghost with a bad prostate as a roommate. Some people get used to the white noise of a toilet flushing after putting up with it for years but a better solution is to try these tips for fixing that freaky leak.

You can check the first item off your list on whether or not to fix a leaky toilet by first finding out if you have one. Place food coloring in the tank of the toilet and if the bowl starts filling up with colored water, congratulations you’ve got a leak to fix.

Watch the Toilet Flush

The best way to figure out what is causing the toilet to leak or function improperly is to get a bird’s eye view of the situation. Sure, you may not be very familiar with how the internal workings of a toilet are supposed to operate but taking off the back lid and just watching it operate will help cross off general malfunctions. You might notice that there is something lodged in the flapper or that the toilet chain is tangled or any other tell-tale signs which could be causing this irritating leak.

Make Sure the Water Line is Met

Checking out your toilet’s water line is much akin to the doctor putting the stethoscope on a patient’s heart. Water that is significantly below the fill line is a sure sign of a leak somewhere in the toilet mechanism. On the other hand, water that is beyond the line shows that there may be blockage somewhere preventing the tank from draining completely.

toilet water line

Examine the Refill Tube

There is a small tube with a clip on it that points to a pipe (overflow pipe) in the toilet. When you flush the toilet you’ll notice how this small refill tube shoots water into the pipe. The first thing you should inspect is if the refill tube has obvious leaks in it. Next make sure the alignment of the refill tube is just above the overflow pipe and not submerged. Finally make sure the refill tube has a natural flow to it, kind of like an up-facing arc so that water doesn’t get stuck in the tube.


toilet refill tube

Check the Flapper

Toilet flappers are the small valves that open and close to let water in and out. Over the years these devices will become worn and will thus let water out even when closed. In many cases replacing this flapper is the $3.00 fix a leaky toilet fix that has been jacking up your water bill for months.

Ballcock Inspection

Before buying and installing a new ball cock assembly, first try adjusting it to allow different water levels. This unit is the one with the noticeable floating ball that rises as the toilet fills with water and shuts off when it reaches a certain level. There are four different types of ballcock assembly types so you’ll have to investigate your specific unit. Most often there is a screw that turns to adjust the unit up and down. Experiment with the height with this screw and gently bend the float assembly upward or downward until water reaches the correct line and the leaks stop.

Inspect the Float

Another thing to investigate is the ball float itself. The device should be sitting fully on top of the water and if it is submerged in any way there could be a small hole in the ball. This is an easy and inexpensive fix as the ball simply screws off the arm.

Adjust the Chain

A chain runs from the flip lever to the flapper and serves as the bridge between the two objects. The chain pulls the flapper up to let water out when flushed and guides it back down during the refill. The chain can not be too tight or too lose or else the toilet won’t flush or refill properly. Inspect and/or adjust the chain so that there’s minimal slack when the flapper is closed.

Bent Lift Arm

The arm that runs from the fill valve to the ball float is known as the lift arm. Sometimes slight bending is required to get the water line to the correct level. If this device gets too bent up though it will inhibit the efficient flushing of the toilet. In some cases its best just to replace this device.

Other Slow Leak Causes

There are a number of rubber gaskets,washers and other small devices inside the toilet that could be the cause of a slow leak. These can deteriorate and crack letting water flow when it’s not supposed to. Inspecting and replacing these small components could be the key to stopping the water flow the way to finally find the success to fix a leaky toilet.

Most solutions to the problem of a leaky toilet are relatively inexpensive to purchase and viable DIY projects. Of course if you don’t feel comfortable messing with the plumbing and toilet components, a professional plumber can usually solve the problem in less than an hour. It may be excruciating to pay for a service call, but remember that a silent leak in a toilet could be using up to 7,000 gallons of water per month.

Quick and Easy Bathroom Design Tips

Here are some tips to choose and deck up the looks of your bathroom:

Bathroom Wallpapers

At times we find some of the corners of our bathroom appear to be dark even though there are adequate light fittings. In most cases, the reason of dark corners in bathroom is wrong choice of wall paper. It is important that the light should get reflected and not to be absorbed by the bathroom walls. Therefore choice of wall paper becomes very important when it comes to designing and decorating the most private room of the house.

Tiles or Wallpapers?

It is difficult to choose whether to put tiles or to have wallpaper, it all depends on personal choice. Some prefer tiles in the bathroom since it is the most watery place in the whole house and wall papers are more vulnerable to water. However, if wallpaper is your choice then, there are water resistant wall papers available in the market. It is advisable to avoid wallpaper around the shower place as wallpapers around this place will draw most of the moist. Wallpaper though will be little more expensive than tile fittings in the bathroom. Traditional people will choose tile over wallpaper but concepts are changing and with newer materials in the market, wallpapers in the bathroom are being considered while designing a modern bathroom.

Colors and Textures

Colors are very important and at times it goes with one’s personality as well. Before choosing a color, you must check a few things. Firstly, the size of your bathroom to be considered, if it is small in size, then one should avoid dark colors as with dark colors the reflection of light reduces and the bathroom may appear even smaller. As a thumb rule, evaluate the color of the wallpaper after considering the size of the bathroom. While selecting the color, you may also choose textures. While designing a modern bathroom, bold textures look good even if the size of the bathroom is small, however the color of the wallpaper to be considered while selecting a texture.


While choosing wallpaper, the lighting patterns are to be considered. If the bathroom has lot of natural lights coming in then bold colored wall papers may be considered, however if there is very little or no natural light then it is better to have light colored wallpaper with some floral designs which enhances the illumination effect of your bathroom.

Top 3 Quick Bathroom Staging Tips

One of the most time-consuming and sometimes expensive upkeep inside our home is the bathroom, which of course has always been a necessity as it somehow reflects the owners’ hygiene… a reality that we’ll never get away with.

Of course, we can’t always renovate our bathroom so proper upkeep and care lowers down our costs and still keeps our bathrooms in top shape in the years to come.

No design tricks can beat a well-sanitized and clean smelling bathroom so periodic cleaning is always a must if you want a bathroom that will last the test of time.

Following are three important bathroom maintenance and management tips that will help bring out the best in your bathroom:


One of the most important components in bathroom design; if placed at the right places – can change the look of a bathroom completely. One good idea is to fix the mirror on the bathroom door which gives an elegant French door look without compromising your privacy.

Mirrors can increase the luminosity of the bathroom, if placed properly. One should avoid putting two mirrors opposite to each other, the light will simply not spread. Too many mirrors can be confusing too, avoid it. Partitions should not be done with mirrors, instead use 18 mm glass.


Another important ingredient of modern bathrooms is how illuminated it is. One should avoid putting a spotlight over a bathtub, simply because, a spotlight creates a lot of illumination and it may feel irritating while having a resting dip in a bathtub. Another common mistake is putting a light opposite to the mirror – it may cause eye irritation.


A properly designed storage, can increase the space of the bathroom. Any curvy wall or any space which is not within the perimeter should be used for storage. One smart way of keeping all the cleaning tools and utility stuff is in the storage cupboard under the sink or basin, since that place is usually not used for any purpose.

Why You Shouldn’t Flush, “Flushable” Bathroom Wipes

flushable toilet wipes

Rob Villee, executive director of the Plainfield Area Regional Sewer Authority, holds up a wipe he flushed through his test toilet in his office in New Jersey. (AP / Julio Cortez)

The increasingly popular “flushable” bathroom wipes has been causing sewer problems across America. These pre-moistened towelettes that are often advertised and labelled as flushable, shouldn’t be going down your toilets after all.

Wastewater authorities say that even though these wipes are advertised as “flushable”, they don’t break down easily as they course through your sewer system.

“The National Association of Clean Water Agencies, which represents 300 wastewater agencies, says it has been hearing complaints about wipes from sewer systems big and small for about the past four years.”

These flushable wipes has been costing municipalities in the US millions of dollars to unclog pipes and pumps and to upgrade and repair machineries.

Manufacturers of the wipes will tell consumers that it’s not okay to toss in regular wipes but encourages “flushable wipes”

About four years ago, a large health care center in Chautauqua County was identified to be using them and was asked to stop Chautauqua Lake Sewer Districts by explaining the problem.

The problem got so bad in Bemus Point, New York last summer that sewer officials have to setup traps (basket strainers) and try to identify the homes from where the wipes were coming from.

“We could walk right up, knock on the door and say, ‘Listen, this problem is coming right from your house,”‘ said Tom Walsh, senior project co-ordinator at South & Center Chautauqua Lake Sewer Districts, which was dispatching crews at least once a week to clear a grinder pump that would seize up trying to shred the fibrous wipes.

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