Quick and Easy Bathroom Design Tips

Here are some tips to choose and deck up the looks of your bathroom:

Bathroom Wallpapers

At times we find some of the corners of our bathroom appear to be dark even though there are adequate light fittings. In most cases, the reason of dark corners in bathroom is wrong choice of wall paper. It is important that the light should get reflected and not to be absorbed by the bathroom walls. Therefore choice of wall paper becomes very important when it comes to designing and decorating the most private room of the house.

Tiles or Wallpapers?

It is difficult to choose whether to put tiles or to have wallpaper, it all depends on personal choice. Some prefer tiles in the bathroom since it is the most watery place in the whole house and wall papers are more vulnerable to water. However, if wallpaper is your choice then, there are water resistant wall papers available in the market. It is advisable to avoid wallpaper around the shower place as wallpapers around this place will draw most of the moist. Wallpaper though will be little more expensive than tile fittings in the bathroom. Traditional people will choose tile over wallpaper but concepts are changing and with newer materials in the market, wallpapers in the bathroom are being considered while designing a modern bathroom.

Colors and Textures

Colors are very important and at times it goes with one’s personality as well. Before choosing a color, you must check a few things. Firstly, the size of your bathroom to be considered, if it is small in size, then one should avoid dark colors as with dark colors the reflection of light reduces and the bathroom may appear even smaller. As a thumb rule, evaluate the color of the wallpaper after considering the size of the bathroom. While selecting the color, you may also choose textures. While designing a modern bathroom, bold textures look good even if the size of the bathroom is small, however the color of the wallpaper to be considered while selecting a texture.


While choosing wallpaper, the lighting patterns are to be considered. If the bathroom has lot of natural lights coming in then bold colored wall papers may be considered, however if there is very little or no natural light then it is better to have light colored wallpaper with some floral designs which enhances the illumination effect of your bathroom.

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