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Custom Bathroom Build


If you need to add a bathroom or two. We can help you design and build new bathrooms in your home, office, or commercial space that not only adds value to your property but improves the overall design and utility.

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A complete bathroom renovation gives your existing bathroom a new look – a makeover if you will. We can help you remove outdated design and accessories and give your bathroom new vigor by installing a new vanity, tub, or walk-in shower, a jacuzzi maybe, an updated toilet of your choice, a new floor, tub surround or tiles, wall replacement and repainting.

Bathroom Remodel


Want a change in structure? We can remodel your whole bathroom based on your design preference. Bathroom remodeling does not only refaces your existing bathroom design but can change the whole setup of your bathroom. Want the bathtub moved over there? Done!

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Commercial Bathroom


If you came here looking for a commercial bathroom renovations contractor. Call us or request a callback! We are experienced contractors and we go beyond residential bathrooms. Yes, we do have two decades of portfolio under our belt, with access to all licensed trades from plumbers to electricians.

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Tub & Shower Install


Sometimes, you just get tired of the tub (or the shower) and prefer one over the other. We understand that and you may not need complete bathroom renovations done.

We have replaced and installed tubs and showers in place of the other to meet specific purposes. Installing a walk-in shower and making your bathroom more accessible to special needs is one of the things we do best. 

We’ll work with you in designing and installing an accessible bathroom, making sure that the alteration is specific to you or your loved one’s needs.

In most instances, a tub or shower install does not require a full bathroom remodel or renovations, we can just work on the bath area and repair or replace the wall accordingly after install.

Toilet, Vanity, Tiling, & Flooring


Another way you can improve your bathroom is by simply updating your toilet, vanity, tiling, and flooring. You either want to retain your existing bathroom walls or repaint them yourself. If that’s the case, we can help you replace these accessories in no time at all.

Quick Service. High Quality

We have a fairly big bathroom renovations crew. We deploy multiple tradespeople per project, so we can guarantee you a fast turn-around without sacrificing quality. 

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