Eight Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Renovating a Bathroom

When thinking of remodeling your bathroom,  it’s important to focus on achieving a fresher and newer look. Also keep in mind that bathroom renovation is no simple undertaking as it needs comprehensive planning and hopefully, seamless implementation of the plan of action.thinking of renovating a bathroom

Depending on your end goal, bathroom remodeling could be one of the most costly investments you can throw in to add your home’s value or could could also be the cheapest one – results may vary.

The results you’ll achieve will depend on how much you want to spend, the existing condition of the bathroom you want to renovate, and the extent of the renovation work.

Think of it this way, if you’re looking for a complete bathroom remodel, you’ll most-likely spend more but if you’re only looking to refurbish the surface, you’re costs will most-likely be slim.

Here are some excellent tips when renovating a bathroom:

  1.  Think of how much you’re willint to spendBefore remodeling a bathroom, start off by deciding how much of your income will be allocated for the renovation budget. Aside from the fact that proper budgeting impacts the selection of materials you’re going to use, it also allows you to set clear boundaries of the renovation design you want. Understanding how much you can afford over this bathroom renovation project is absolutely necessary to decide what specific areas needs renovation or replacement, as well as what simple things can be done by you.
  2. Keep some items, as much as possibleMost of the time, renovation comes with full make-over of the area, and this is also applicable in our bathrooms. However, if there are certain things in the bathroom that can be reused, such as an old cabinet that is still in good condition, use it rather than replace it. You can also give that cabinet a fresher look by painting it to match it with the aesthetic of your newly renovated bathroom. This way, you’re cutting up on the costs of materials as well as go “green” with your creative innovations.Keeping items reusable is also applicable in bathtub, shower, tile, or sink. If you think these stuffs are still in good working condition, then there’s no need to totally tear up your bathroom for a complete renovation; simply refinishing them would do the job.
  3. Don’t move electricity or plumbing linesOne of the most expensive ways to renovate a bathroom is to completely make-over whatever is in the exterior and interior, including the plumbing and electricity. If you’re going to move any of these, make sure that you’re prepared for the costs and the delay it would cause.  In addition, if you’re going to spend less – or not spend at all – on plumbing lines and electricity, you could still use that budget you have for other remodeling works around the bathroom.
  4. Choose bathroom floors carefullyTwo important things to remember when replacing bathroom floors are the safety and cleanliness. The moisture on bathroom floorings is the main reason why bacteria/fungus builds up and accidents happen at some point. Choose tiles carefully. Those that contain sand glazes and textured are usually non-slip and offer better grip than other kinds of tiles. But if you want tiles that easy to clean up, you can go for glazed or porcelain tiles, because they absorb less moisture and less stained.
  5. Don’t forget the lightingDo you know that adding up a good overall lighting on a bathroom can make the room appear more spacious and larger? Plus, lighting is very important in a bathroom, so you have to include them in your bathroom renovation plans as well. Install lighting at the most appropriate spots so you have adequate lights around the area, especially if you are shaving, wiping off make-up, or simply relaxing in your tub.
  6. Repaint the walls
    Another reason why people go for bathroom renovation is because they want to experience a new ambiance inside it. Thus, painting off the walls with new, lively colors is always a good choice for many. There are some things to consider before painting a bathroom, though. First, if your wall is covered with wallpapers or an old paint, make sure to remove them evenly before applying a new paint. See to it that the walls are clean and free of moisture and mildew before painting it. Finally, always place masking tapes on the edges that you don’t want to get painted to make walls more cohesive and presentable.
  7. Check for some do-it-yourself alternatives
    Can you simply refurbish an old bathroom cabinet or drawer? Do you know how to replace cracked, loose tiles with a new one? Do you have some skills in painting? Are you equipped with some high-level of creativity to give your bathroom a stylish yet cheap new look? If you got some of these skills, then you could really save a lot on your bathroom renovation expenses, because you will only have to worry about those renovation issues that need serious help from professionals.
  8. Some basic reminders about bathroom accessoriesBathroom accessories, such as towel bars, cabinet with mirror, sinks and tissue holders must be placed at the right height. This gives us easy access to them whenever we need them. Decide how high the towel bars, cabinets and sinks should be – It’s important that during bathroom renovation, proper spacing and placement of such accessories be prioritized first so you can have additional space when finishing off floor tiles replacement.


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