Top 3 Quick Bathroom Staging Tips

One of the most time-consuming and sometimes expensive upkeep inside our home is the bathroom, which of course has always been a necessity as it somehow reflects the owners’ hygiene… a reality that we’ll never get away with.

Of course, we can’t always renovate our bathroom so proper upkeep and care lowers down our costs and still keeps our bathrooms in top shape in the years to come.

No design tricks can beat a well-sanitized and clean smelling bathroom so periodic cleaning is always a must if you want a bathroom that will last the test of time.

Following are three important bathroom maintenance and management tips that will help bring out the best in your bathroom:


One of the most important components in bathroom design; if placed at the right places – can change the look of a bathroom completely. One good idea is to fix the mirror on the bathroom door which gives an elegant French door look without compromising your privacy.

Mirrors can increase the luminosity of the bathroom, if placed properly. One should avoid putting two mirrors opposite to each other, the light will simply not spread. Too many mirrors can be confusing too, avoid it. Partitions should not be done with mirrors, instead use 18 mm glass.


Another important ingredient of modern bathrooms is how illuminated it is. One should avoid putting a spotlight over a bathtub, simply because, a spotlight creates a lot of illumination and it may feel irritating while having a resting dip in a bathtub. Another common mistake is putting a light opposite to the mirror – it may cause eye irritation.


A properly designed storage, can increase the space of the bathroom. Any curvy wall or any space which is not within the perimeter should be used for storage. One smart way of keeping all the cleaning tools and utility stuff is in the storage cupboard under the sink or basin, since that place is usually not used for any purpose.

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